About Us

A warm HELLO from Calm Chi Wellbeing

My name is Mandy and it is a blessing and a privilege to connect with you.  At Calm Chi Wellbeing our greatest love and passion is to empower and support people to love the life they live!

I chose to follow my passion and create a beautiful wellness sanctuary, Calm Chi Wellbeing. Calm Chi is a safe, sacred space where you can explore, with support and guidance, your journey so far and create and embrace a new path towards loving and living your wonderful life.

Balance is achieved in every aspect of your being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


Qualifications & Experience

I work as a Kinesiologist, Intensive Care Nurse, Health and Wellness Corporate Consultant and Functional Nutrition Coach. I am also a qualified Reiki Master and Massage Therapist.

I love combining the knowledge of these wonderful modalities to support you in achieving optimum health, vitality and balance in your life.

I have worked in western medicine as an Intensive Care Nurse for 25 years, developing a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the physical body and the disease processes that develop. I always believed there was more to healing than just the physical aspect.

After much research and a powerful desire to work all areas of wellbeing, I chose to study and embrace the path of Kinesiology, incorporating both eastern Chinese Medicine principles and the western medicine knowledge I had attained.

Working with removing the blockages of our life force or Qi through acupressure and many other gentle techniques, the body then has the energy required to heal itself, not just from physical illness but also mental, emotional and spiritual imbalance.

Our overall health is also largely determined by the food we eat. Good nutrition plays a vital role in supporting the health, healing and vitality of the body.

Incorporating the philosophies of functional nutrition and understanding how to use food as medicine, I can guide and support you in creating a healthy vital, YOU.


The results are often profound!!

It brings me such joy and excitement hearing the positive changes that each individual experiences after a session. A wide range of physical ailments and diseases, stress, fears, anxiety and depression, low self worth/self esteem, sleep disturbances, learning difficulties, weight and nutritional concerns, grief and pain are just a few examples of the issues I work with at Calm Chi.

I look forward to supporting you in your journey to wellness and welcoming you, personally, to the wonderful world of Calm Chi!
It is time for YOU to love the life you live!!


A special thank you!

Thank you to SMBS (Small Business Mentoring Service) for conducting a case study for Calm Chi Wellbeing.

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“Mandy is a wonderful caring individual, a human dynamo who sets a great example for others to follow”