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Are you suffering from a cough, chest infection or pneumonia that you just can’t clear?

Do you suffer, asthma, COPD, bronchitis or other lung issues?

Have you been in hospital and require ongoing respiratory support at home?

Then myAIRVO 2 is just what you need to improve the health of the lungs, reduce your work of breathing, increase oxygenation to the body and clear trapped mucous and secretions all in the comfort of your own home.

myAIRVO 2 is a non invasive, easy to use humidifier that delivers high flow, warmed and humidified respiratory gases through either nasal prongs or a trache mask to the patient, supporting their breathing.

Calm Chi is an advocate of myAIRVO 2 as part of our holistic health philosophy.

We provide a respiratory assessment by a critical care nurse, education and support to patients with lung issues.

We offer hire and purchase options and stock all parts and consumables required.  Click here to find out more about myAIRVO.

For further information on how we can support you with myAIRVO, please email us at info@calmchiwellbeing.com.au or call 0418 589 813


When my lung specialist suggested I try the Airvo to help reduce infections, I was skeptical. I decided to hire it first, and the results amazed me. After waking at least once a night in a coughing fit, for over thirty years, suddenly I was sleeping through. And no more hacking cough in the mornings either.

After just a week, I decided to go ahead and buy the machine.

It has been absolutely life-changing for me. Not only has it helped me to sleep better (not to mention hubby), I am now able to get up mucus much easier than before, and my memory is somewhat better than previously. The hospital (where I have regular transfusions) have also noticed my oxygen saturations are higher than they’ve been for the past sixteen years.

I use the Airvo for around two hours a day, while I watched television at night.

I absolutely recommend anyone to give it a go if they’re not sure. I can’t believe the results I have achieved in such a short period of time.

Thanks must go to Mandy and her team at Calm Chi Wellbeing for assisting in making this all happen.

Cheryl Wright, Victoria