The Power of Ritual

Do you have a daily ritual?


Finding a small moment in time each morning, to honour the blessings you have in your life with a ritual, is such a wonderful way to start your day.  It sets the intention for the day ahead, holding the energy of blessing and connection to universal energy or source.  Rituals are wonderful to show gratitude for all that you have, to receive and keep good fortune, to ward off negative experiences and energies and to welcome abundance into your life.


Rituals can be as simple as lighting a candle each morning and spending a few moments giving thanks for all that you have, setting the intention for the day ahead.


On my recent trip to Bali, I was overwhelmed at the dedication of the Balinese people to their daily ritual.  Offerings were placed outside each home, shop and temple on a daily basis.   A short moment of  silence was taken to honour the process before the incense was lit and the offering set down.


My ritual


Each morning, I practise a ritual of my own with the use of incense, crystals and Reiki energy.  I spend a few minutes in gassho (prayer position), giving thanks and overwhelming gratitude for all things in my life.  Incense is lit and the beautiful aroma gently weaves its way through my home, raising the vibrational energy and creating a positive vibe for my family to embrace.  A stick of incense is then burnt outside my front and back door, to clear the doorways of negative influences and inviting positivity into my life, the life of my beautiful family and my home.


Bless yourself with the power of ritual by practising your own on a daily basis.  I trust it will bring you a sense of deep connection, serenity and peace within yourself and align you with universal energy and guidance.