A FUN guide to SPRING cleaning!

Spring Cleaning

There is something I absolutely love about Spring cleaning!


If you’re a neat freak like me, you’ll know just how satisfying it is to sit down after a big day of throwing things out and just admire how beautiful your home truly is.




Well, guess what? It’s SPRING!!!!

The flowers are out, the birds are chirping and I’d like to share with you 4 things that make Spring cleaning EXCITING!

Make some easy money $$$

Planning a holiday any time soon? Go through your entire home and ask yourself if you actually NEED all the things you see. Is the answer no? Well friends, this is an opportunity to make some dollars! Set up a garage sale, get your eBay accounts ready and sell, sell, sell away. You won’t just feel wonderful about it but you can actually make a fair but of money to go towards your European trip! Or if there’s no trip, just use the money to go and treat yourself! Boom.

Excuse to dance all day

Not that anyone needs an excuse, but starting a spring clean gives you permission to put on your daggiest clothes and dance away around every inch of your house! Studies say cleaning gets done a lot faster when you’re having fun 😉

New room, new you

This is my favourite part of  spring cleaning. Cleaning your home can literally clean your soul at the same time! All the clutter holds on to old energy, and moving things around and giving new life to old things can have a huge effect on your wellbeing! You will feel fresh as a daisy and ready to start a new day once it’s all done.

 The more you throw out, the more you can fit in

How many old clothes did you forget you had? Think about this. Sell all the old ones you don’t want, make more space in your cupboard, and use the money you earn to buy a WHOLE. NEW. WARDROBE. Genius.

These are just some of the benefits of having a big clean out of your home! Spring is the perfect time of year to do it so jump on board and go for it! I know I will. And with that I will leave on this note..


“A clean home brings a clear mind”


Peace and love hippies,


Ash  xx