It’s a lovely month for Lavender


Okay everyone, it’s time to talk about lavender.

Lavender is the essential oil of the season.


If I’m being honest, I never used to like lavender too much – I found that it reminded me of a cheap candle or a home spray. It was too sweet for me.

However, when I first came across DoTerra lavender oil, it was the first time I really loved it. So much so that it caused me to become absolutely addicted to essential oils.

It’s warm, calming and relaxing and has so many incredible uses, which all match perfectly with the cold, wet month of Winter.

Here are some ways to incorporate lavender into your lives this Winter.


One common use for the wonderful oil of lavender is its ability to take you into a whole new level of relaxation. It’s wonderful in supporting anxiety and is often used in ‘relax’ balms or ‘calm’ mists as it has powerful relaxation properties. Place a few drops in your home diffuser and it will support you through mediation and allow you to drift of to a peaceful sleep.  Add a few drops into a warm bath and soak away your stress as you breathe and relax.

Dry skin

Winter is a season of cold winds and dry skin. Lavender is actually beautiful for nourishing your skin and repairing any damage. Apply a drop or two into your daily skincare routine and it will work wonders! It’s also really helpful in soothing any irritated skin such as shaving rash.

Bath bombs

Make an excuse to get into an incredible, hot bath and make your own bath bombs! You can use them in the bath or shower before bed and dream the most wonderful Winter dreams. Here is an easy recipe!


Have you got any old potpourri baskets that just aren’t as fragrant as they used to be? Add a drop of lavender oil into the mix to create a fresh, floral scent to your home! Or make a fresh bag as a gift for yourself or someone who needs to ne nurtured!

New recipes

When it’s raining outside and you don’t know what you can do throughout your day, why not use the time to experiment with some fresh, new recipes?? The beauty of the DoTerra lavender oil is that they are ingestible! Which means they can be used in your cooking! I know for a fact my Mum makes the most amazing raw blueberry and lavender cheesecake you could ever try. Plus you can add lavender to smoothies, jams and even scones! Search up a few recipes, you won’t regret it.


It’s can be difficult during the Winter to get your washing right. You can sometimes end up with damp smelling clothes and it just doesn’t dry the same as it does it Summer. A creative way to avoid that is to make your own laundry products! Obviously from this blog, you can see I like to make things but this is especially easy and leaves your clothes smelling amazing! You can either make your own laundry powder or if you have a dryer, get creative and make your own dryer balls! Get the instructions here.

Cuts and scratches

Lavender is a wonderful antiseptic for cuts and settles the itch of a mozzie bite almost instantaneously.  Place some lavender on a cotton bud and apply to the area.  It will heal in no time.

If you haven’t used lavender before, I encourage you to enjoy DoTerra’s lavender essential oil. It’s easily the best one in town and the most versatile.  You can purchase it from some local health care stores or call us at Calm Chi and we can order it in for you.

Enjoy its many benefits and invest in a bottle for yourself yourself.   I use my lavender all the time and find new things to use it for every day.

I hope your Winter is warm and snuggly!

Peace and love hippies,

Ash xx