Embrace Your Space – Space Clearing Spray


Space Clearing Spray

A gentle space clearing mist of frankincense, sweet orange and crystal essences combined to beautifully cleanse and uplift your spirit and space. Lovingly mist around yourself, your home and surroundings to clear the negative energy and raise the vibration, creating positivity and abundance within your life.




Space Clearing Spray

Do you feel depleted and unmotivated?

Are you lacking vitality?

Does your home or workplace feel negative, draining your energy?
Then mist the gorgeous “Embrace your Space” around yourself and your environment to cleanse, uplift and revitalize the energy surrounding you.

This finely attuned blend of crystal essences, essential oils and chi, diffuses negative energy, raising the vibration of an area, object, person or place.

When surrounded with positive, high vibrational life force, you are supported in manifesting opportunities, feelings and relationships that support and vitalize you.
Enjoy using “Embrace Your Space” mist around yourself, your home and workplace, your car and even your bed. You will be surprised how much better you sleep.

Your animals will love it too as they often take on our worries for us!
As you mist, breathe in, breathe out, relax and enjoy the lightness surrounding you!




Additional information

Weight 100 g

Pure essential oils of frankincense and sweet orange, crystal essences, pure water, solubuliser, chi and love


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