Spring for the win!


Spring is here!


I was walking to my train this morning on the way to uni and it took me a couple of minutes to realise along the way that I wasn’t preparing myself for rain. I wasn’t dodging puddles, my teeth weren’t chattering… and then it hit me. Spring is here! Winter is officially over and everyone can smile and love life! I personally love Winter so the chattering teeth issue doesn’t phase me but I realllllly love Spring! And here are some wonderful reasons why:


Winter is gone! The sun is sneaking back out again and with that comes the endorphins or happy hormones. People are scientifically happier! Smiles all round, spread the love. People are literally happier so enjoy the positive vibes!!

Incredible weather (I am manifesting this one!)

Not only is the sun out, there’s a beautiful breeze that isn’t too cold or hot and there are barely any clouds. If there is a rainy day, the spring rains are more like sun showers, which are a PERFECT opportunity for you to run out and wear in your new gumboots. Plus the rain is often followed by a rainbow spread across the sky with a pot of gold at the end of it just for you! Heaven.

Baby animals

This is a good one. Spring is the season when many animals are born! Think about all the adorable little bunnies hopping around and the baby chicks, lambs and calves in the paddocks. SOOO CUUUTTEE.

Flowers for days

This is a favourite! Everywhere you look, it’s beautiful! The trees are full of life and the grass is greener than ever. There are so many varieties of incredibly beautiful flowers all over the place so everywhere you look is stunning (my favourites are sunflowers incase anyone would like to spontaneously bring some into Calm Chi). 😉

Exercising outside

If you’re anything like me, exercising in Winter was absolutely full of excuses. It’s always “too cold” and “hard to get up in the morning” but also “really dark and wet at night” so there’s never really an ideal time to do it. But excuses no more. Spring is easily the most enjoyable season to exercise outdoors. You can take a long walk with the dog or go for a run in the sun, or if you live close enough, go for a swim at the beach! The possibilities are endless and the weather is perfect for any situation.


Spring cleaning

This is a personal favourite. Dedicating a day to go through absolutely everything you own and clearing out all the old junk is the best feeling ever! Tell me I’m wrong. I would Spring clean every month if I could. I think the feeling of starting fresh and cleaning out everything that no longer feels necessary for me allows me to feel like a new person. It clears the stagnant qi and welcomes in new, fresh qi!  This creates a space for inspiration and plenty of new ideas for a fresh start.

Fruit and veggies are perfectly ripe

The smoothies, the fruit salads, the stirfries… all are so much richer and full of flavour. Fruit and veg season is the best season. The veggie garden is filled with greens galore. Make yourself this delicious smoothie filled with all things spring. A great way to start your day and support the detox process of spring

** This delicious, nutrition packed detox smoothie is one of my favourite ways to start the day.  It is packed with ingredients that are truly nutritious and wonderfully supportive and detoxifying to the body.

Blend all ingredients together and enjoy.



1 cup raw coconut water or filtered water, plus more as needed

1 medium green apple, skin on, cored and diced

1 small raw red beetroot, peeled and diced (grated for conventional blenders)

1 cup frozen strawberries or berries of your choice

1 cup pineapple (if in season)

1/2 small avocado, pitted and pealed

1 cup baby spinach

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

Since of cayenne pepper

1 tablespoon maca powder

Fashion is flexible

You could literally wear anything during Spring. Literally! On the warmer days, wear your summer dress and sandals; on the cooler days you can wear jeans and a light jacket. Spring is so flexible, one day you’ll be in a scarf, the other you are in a cap and sunnies! So you can make the most of your entire wardrobe without weighing yourself down in coats and beanies. Perfect!

Summer is on the way

I’m all for living in the moment. But once it hits Spring I can’t help but think about how close Summer is. Every day gets warmer and closer to the end of the year. Spring fills you with hope! It tells you “you are so close to holidaying at the beach, so while you’re on your way, I’m going to support you with flowers and rainbows”. What a legend! We love you Spring.

Picnic season

Last but certainly not least, it’s picnic season! Pack a blanket and some yummy treats and head straight to your local park with your loved one or group of friends! It’s a perfect opportunity to catch up with people you’re close to at the same time as getting back in touch with Mother Earth. Ditch the movie dates and restaurant dinners, make the most of sunshine and have a picnic. You’ll save your pennies too.

I hope those of you who have the Winter blues are starting to get your spark back! It’s a beautiful time of the year and I hope this season brings you lots of love and happiness. And flowers. All of the flowers.

Peace and love hippies,


Ash xx